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Hi. I don't wanna be a prude or anything, so please don't hate me for this. It's just I think some of the sexy roleplays should be labled NC-17 on the subject or cut or wherever. It's just it's in the Rules unless it changes or something. Sorry! I'll go run away now.
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I was thinking, we need more alumni and we aren't sure of Katie's year. Could I make that she graudated in the twin's year? I know that last player made her as a student but we do need alumni. Could she teach quidditch as there is no Hooch that I'm know of here. Or should I post this a 'Plot?
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Great Work Herald!

Holy cow, you guys really out-did yourselves! If you can keep this up every week it will be very cool. I think I'll have Padma work on something to counter the Astrology she hates so much. XD.

So awesome work, everyone who worked on the Herald!
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Random ages question

Is there any organization on how old to have the characters in each year? I was thinking along the lines of my own school system back home's cut off dates when I was coming up with a birthday for Stacey, which were, basically, you would have had to be 11 before you could start 6th grade (1st year). So I had Stacey turn fifteen in October of this, her fourth year, thinking that if Harry's year was 79-80, she would be in the '81-82 year (I always pictured Harry as one of the youngest in his year, probably because *my * birthday's in July and I've always been one of the youngest in my classes).

But it seems like everyone here is using different cut off dates from each other (ex, the Patil sisters have their birthday in June of 81, making them less than half a year older than my character, while being two years ahead of her in school).

So I guess my point is, do we have a certain cut off date so we can model our character's ages? If need be, I can make Stacey a year younger and have her turn fifteen in October instead (and we can just ignore the comment she made to Brittany about being less than six months to her sixteenth birthday).

Don't mind me. These are the kind of details that get to me. ;)